Spam Protection

Spam protection is a key feature of Platform 24’s IT services. With our advanced spam detection and filtering, you won’t have to worry about useless emails clogging up your inbox. 

Not only are spam emails annoying, but they also pose a legitimate threat. They are often laced with malware and ransomware, which can incur heavy costs if not protected against.

What To Expect From Our Email Spam Protection Service

Our goal is to provide excellent email spam protection to our clients using various effective methods. Take a look at a few of the services that we offer regarding email spam protection…

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High spam and malware detection

Our spam protection for email systems can detect most, if not all, forms of malware that might be present in a spam email. 

We can recognise threats before they make their way to your inbox, preventing malware and phishing emails from doing damage to your IT infrastructure.

Outbound email filtering

Platform 24’s email spam protection service works the other way around as well. If employees accidentally or intentionally forward emails containing spam or malware, we can intercept them and block the sending process.

Advanced virus filters

We update our Anti-virus database regularly, allowing us to intercept and prevent malicious attacks more effectively. Our scanners stay up-to-date with the latest malware signatures, meaning that we can detect even the latest threats that may pose a danger to your systems.

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