Monitoring & Reporting

Take advantage of our IT Monitoring & Reporting to provide you with reports as frequently and detailed as required to put your mind at ease. With our live monitoring system we can track all systems and devices within your network to ensure their health & security while managing all updates required for them.

As an IT support company we specialise in managing small to medium business and understand that you need a quick and easy overview of your systems for peace of mind. Our breakdown reports can help you understand exactly where your monthly spend is going and we will always recommend how you can get more from your IT infrastructure.

What to expect from our Monitoring & Reporting

We aim to provide reliable, high quality managed services to small and medium business clients throughout the country. When you choose our solutions, you can expect the following services…

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What we can monitor 

  • Servers
  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network Devices such as routers & firewall
  • Backups
  • Anti-Virus
  • Database software

Custom IT monitoring for systems specific to your business such as database health can also be configured.

Reports available to you

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Health Checks
  • Patch Management Reports
  • Breakdown of Support Per Type
  • Breakdown of Support Per Device
  • Warranty & Other Asset Reports

The ability to provide you all of this information means you can see the benefits of our Proactive IT Support for yourself. It also allows you to have an input on areas where you would like to see some changes and where we can improve to help your company grow.

Customer Portal:

While reports can be scheduled as often as daily Platform 24 also have a client portal to provide you information on your systems in real time. This portal is easily accessible and simple to use even for non-technical staff who want to manage this. Some of the information the portal can provide:

  • Live Health Checks
  • Current Online Status
  • Asset Overview
  • User Device Information
  • Warranties & Purchase Dates
  • Software License Information

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