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Partner with the leading Microsoft consultants in Sydney

Unlock the true potential of your Microsoft investments with expert guidance, support, and solutions

Embark on a transformative journey with the premier Microsoft consulting firm in Sydney

Access to a team of local Microsoft Certified experts
Get the most out of your Microsoft investment
Optimise licence and subscription costs
Implement a Modern Workplace environment
Innovate with advanced AI and analytics tools

Expertly selected. Seamlessly implemented. Strategically managed. 

Whether you’re a budding start-up or an established enterprise, your technology investments need to be strategic, pinpointed, and aligned with your business objectives. That’s where Platform 24 steps in. As a leading Microsoft consulting firm in Sydney, we’re here to guide your business through the multitude of products and services Microsoft provides to find the exact solutions that will elevate your operational efficiency and productivity. Our dedicated team of Microsoft consultants in Sydney will tailor the power of Microsoft to your unique business needs through our suite of Microsoft consulting services to ensure your workforce can adopt them seamlessly, and use them securely.
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Harness the Complete Microsoft Stack

Harness the full power of the Microsoft Stack with expert guidance

Choosing the right technology solutions can be a maze. But don’t fear – our experts will guide you through to ensure the Microsoft products you invest in are precisely what your business needs to thrive.

From cloud-based services to on-premise solutions, we ensure that the entire Microsoft Stack is optimised for your business process. Whether it’s developing apps or setting up robust infrastructures, we’ve got the expertise to elevate your operational capability.

And we don’t just set things up and leave you to it. Our Microsoft certified consultants will ensure everything is tailored to your exact requirements, and your team is well-versed and comfortable utilising the new tools, turning the Microsoft Office 365 suite into your business’s powerhouse.

Foster collaboration and innovation within your Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace dissolves geographic boundaries and empowers your people with boundless collaborative opportunities.

Through tools like Azure and Microsoft Teams, Platform 24 will craft an environment that inspires real-time collaboration and innovation, ensuring your team can work together at any time, from anywhere.

We’ll strategically integrate cloud-based and on-premise solutions, ensuring your business processes are streamlined and resilient, and your people have access to an environment that’s digitally advanced and user-friendly.

Foster Innovation in Your Modern Workplace
Develop a Security Strategy

Turn data into business intelligence and drive your strategy with pinpoint precision

Let us help you leverage the power of Microsoft to transform your raw data into actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making. 

Our Microsoft consultants will empower your business to navigate through data, uncovering trends, identifying opportunities, and ensuring that your business moves are always data-driven, strategic, and impactful.

At Platform 24, we also prioritise data security and privacy. Our team will work with you to create a security strategy that keeps your sensitive information secure, and meets all compliance regulations.

Transform your business with the leading Microsoft consultants in Sydney

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Platform 24 brings to the table not just rich expertise, but a genuine commitment to enhancing your business operations through bespoke Microsoft solutions, strategies, and support. 

From the initial selection of tools and services, through implementation and adoption, to ongoing Microsoft consulting services and support, our expert team will remain by your side to ensure your business is always powered by intelligent and innovative solutions.

As a seasoned Microsoft consulting firm in Sydney, we don’t just guide; we partner and innovate with you, ensuring your technological journey is smooth, strategic, and always leading towards success.

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