WiFi Solutions

Providing Seamless, Secure Internet Connectivity

Our business WiFi solutions are based on your needs and designed by expert technicians to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted connection to your network – no matter how many locations you have.

Consistent. Secure. Responsive.

Customised WiFi solutions for every environment
Seamless integration and limitless scalability
Continuous network availability and performance
Private, secure, and user-friendly connections
Connect to any device across extensive properties

Keeping your WiFi networks operating at peak efficiency

Seamless internet connectivity is critical for every modern business. As a leading managed WiFi provider, Platform 24 offers bespoke WiFi solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. 

Our managed WiFi service is crafted around the physical layout of your premises, the specific requirements of your users, and your network usage. This ensures that your business WiFi solutions are scalable and adaptable to meet your changing demands.

With Platform 24, your WiFi service is not just managed — it’s intelligently integrated into your business framework to drive success and innovation.

Seamless connectivity aligned with your company’s policies

Our expertise in network management and wireless connectivity allows us to offer a service that goes beyond standard WiFi networks. We’ll evaluate your specific needs, aiming to understand the scope and specifics of your WiFi requirements to ensure that our solutions perfectly align with your objectives for public or private WiFi access.

Our managed WiFi systems are compatible with any device and are engineered to support high-demand data services, including video streaming, rapid data transfer, and VOIP, ensuring that your business operates efficiently without any hitches. This adaptability makes our solutions ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, enhancing user experience across all areas of your operations.

Fully managed WiFi service that supports high demand and usage

Platform 24 is a leading managed WiFi provider because we’re dedicated to ensuring that our wireless networks are robust enough to handle the high demand and high density your business requires, at all times.

We deploy advanced hardware capable of handling large-scale, high throughput needs across any environment. Our cloud-managed solutions ensure centralised management of the entire network, allowing for quick adjustments and seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Our enterprise-level managed WiFi services provide comprehensive management features, such as location zone control and user management, allowing for fine-tuned control over internet access and usage. This includes the capability to impose data and content restrictions, ensuring your network remains secure and is used in alignment with your company’s policies.

Business WiFi solutions designed for your premises layout

At Platform 24, we understand that connectivity is the backbone of modern business operations. Our managed WiFi services are designed to meet your immediate connectivity needs, ensuring reliable, secure, and seamless internet access across all scales and sectors. 

Post-installation, we provide cost-effective comprehensive network management services that include regular updates, system monitoring, and real-time analytics to ensure your network performs optimally at all times. 

Our managed WiFi service guarantees that no matter where your people are accessing the internet from, they receive reliable, high-speed internet connection without compromising on security.