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Estimating Managed IT Services Costs

Want to know what you’re paying, before you pay it? Estimate the cost of the IT services that your business needs, and let us narrow it down from there.

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The cost of managed IT services in Sydney

Wondering how to assess managed IT services costs? For business leaders, it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to managed IT services doesn’t work. Each business is unique, and Platform 24, a local and leading provider of managed IT in Sydney, is dedicated to delivering customised IT solutions to meet diverse needs.

From ensuring data protection, to optimising system performance, to addressing technical challenges, our team provides a broad range of cost-effective managed IT services to streamline your operations and keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

But what’s the investment like for such critical services? While the thought of managed IT services costs can seem intimidating – especially when balancing quality and price tag – we’re here to demystify it for you. 

Calculating the price tag: factors that influence managed IT services cost

Trying to navigate the intricacies of IT expenses is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Every business is a unique blend of components, each influencing the overall picture of managed IT service costs. Understanding the factors at play doesn’t just offer clarity; it empowers you to make informed decisions and get the best value from your IT investments. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the components that come together to determine the price tag of managing your IT environment.

Business size: Larger organisations generally have a more extensive digital footprint, which means more servers, networks, and a broader range of software apps. All these require a greater depth of management. Conversely, smaller businesses may have a more streamlined IT setup, potentially lowering management costs.

Employee count: Each employee in an organisation usually brings with them a set of IT needs. From workstation setups to software licences and email accounts, the number of employees directly affects the scale of IT management required. 

IT intricacy: Not all IT environments are created equal. Some businesses may have a straightforward, singular server setup, while others might juggle multiple servers, hybrid cloud environments, and a plethora of specialised software. The more intricate the setup, the more expertise and hours needed to manage it efficiently.

Regulatory adherence: Some sectors have more hoops to jump through than others. For instance, a healthcare provider needs to ensure patient data is protected to meet regulatory standards. Meeting these regulations often demands specialised IT services, which can add to costs.

Cyber security: Depending on the nature of your business and the data you handle, you might need advanced security services. This could range from managed detection and response solutions that actively monitor for threats, to robust backup and recovery plans ensuring business continuity in the face of unforeseen IT disasters.

Specialised needs: Sometimes, out-of-the-box solutions just won’t cut it. Tailored software applications or custom integrations to improve business operations can result in additional costs. The benefit, however, is a system that fits your operations like a glove.

Goal alignment: Planning for the future? If your business is in a growth phase, or if you’re looking to scale your operations soon, you might need an IT setup that can grow with you. Implementing scalable solutions might require a higher initial investment but saves costs in the long run.

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How to estimate the cost of managed IT services

With so many factors to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to line up your IT needs with cost savings. But don’t quit yet – we’re here to break down the complexities, so you understand how different pricing structures align with varied service levels. Whether you’re a small startup or a sprawling enterprise, getting a grip on these fundamentals will ensure you make an informed decision and get the maximum ROI from managed IT services.

Pricing models for managed IT services

Sydney’s MSPs determine their prices based on their service delivery method. You might want to pay a predictable flat rate, a per user fee, or just an hourly figure when you need help.

Hourly rate

Charges are based on the actual hours the managed IT team dedicates to your issues. This works for companies with low IT demands, or little infrastructure.

Flat fee

A predetermined fee, often billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, covering all managed IT service needs. A set fee is ideal for businesses that want predictable budgeting and ensure consistent service.

Per user/ month

Charges are based on the total number of employees, regardless of the number of devices used. This model suits environments where employees operate multiple devices, or where the focus is on supporting individuals.

Per device/ month

Costs are determined by the total number of devices (PCs, laptops, smart phones, servers, etc.) in the environment. This model targets businesses that need infrastructure monitoring and management.

Managed IT services tiers

Managed IT service providers in Sydney typically offer packages in distinct tiers, with costs reflecting the complexity of services needed. 

Essential Managed IT

$ 70 - 150 Per User/ Device
  • This tier mainly covers fundamental services such as system and network monitoring, flagging IT issues, and basic tech support. It ensures your business's vital IT aspects function seamlessly, and is ideal for smaller businesses with basic IT demands.

Standard Managed IT

$ 50 -200 Per User/ Device
  • This encompasses a wider range of services, including IT planning, data backup and disaster recovery, and basic cloud services, offering not just solutions but preventive measures. This tier is good for medium-sized enterprises or businesses that need proactive cyber security solutions.

Premium Managed IT

$ 300+ Per User/ Device
  • This high-end tier provides specialist expertise, such as hybrid cloud management, fully hosted systems, network infrastructure setups, and advanced cyber security solutions. It also caters to businesses requiring regular IT strategising and infrastructure enhancements. This tier is perfect for large enterprises, remote or hybrid working environments, or businesses that handle large amounts of critical data.

Platform 24: your trusted partner for managed IT in Sydney

With Platform 24 by your side, you’re in expert hands. Our deep-rooted expertise in the realm of managed IT ensures that your business always operates at peak performance. By prioritising affordability without compromising quality, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are designed to bring you the best value. 

Remember, it’s not just about IT management; it’s about crafting a bespoke package that aligns seamlessly with your unique business needs. With Platform 24, don’t expect to pay the earth just to get your IT up to scratch – we’re dedicated to your success, and our services are designed to work with your budget.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and let’s find out exactly what your business needs to get ahead.