Platform 24 Good, Better, Best packages:

The Essential 8

  • Essential 8 security and compliance
  • 24/7 Network monitoring and support for critical infrastructure
  • Proven security tools
  • Advanced spam filtering
  • DNS filtering
  • Connectwise Automate manages system updates automatically
  • Unlimited remote support business hours

The Nist Framework

  • As above but additional tools and increased security and compliance
  • NIST security and compliance framework goes much further than Essential 8 – this is an initial audit and an ongoing program to improve security and compliance position
  • Connectwise Fortify Endpoint
  • AI Phishing threat detection tools

ISO & Beyond

  • Access to ConnectWise 24/7 managed Cyber Incident response global team. The team of 170 security professionals is on hand ready to respond to any breach and protect your business.All of the “Better Package” plus additional customization
  • Can include full endpoint SOC and SIEM
  • ISO 27001 consultancy available
  • Preparation for ISO certification
  • Mobile device management options
  • Full endpoint logging enabling forensic response to any attempted breach
  • Sentinal 1 using ConnectWise advanced tools we can forensically track data access and respond to any breach in the shortest possible time with advanced tools.