Our Enterprise Wi-Fi solution offers end users consistent bandwidth, speed, security and coverage and being powered by Ruckus, you can be assured we are using the very best tech. Ask us for more information by sending your details below.

About Ruckus

Ruckus Networks is redefining connectivity around the globe. With our partners, we build secure wired and wireless access networks for organizations that place a premium on connectivity experiences for end-users as well as simplicity for IT.

We can audit your environment

In order to get the best from your wireless network, placement of access points is critical. We work with Ruckus engineers to map out a data grid for any building which guarantees no blackspots, and consistent wireless connectivity. We can also come onsite with our portable wireless audit kit and assess any space in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Ask us about a Wi-Fi audit today.

The Benefits Of Managed Wi-Fi


Our solutions are designed around the physical attributes of your locations and the users and usage of your network and are scalable.


They can be used with any device and are fully compatible with high demand data services like video streaming, fast data transfer and VOiP.


More over our enterprise level Wi-Fi services mean your WiFi is fully managed, including location zone control, user management and even data and content restrictions.


Managed Wi-Fi

Large scale high throughput public or private Wi-Fi access for Education, hospitality, Shopping Centres, Hospitals etc. Where users need to connect either to a public or private network the necessary security will be maintained.

In Hospitality, Platform 24’s HSIA solution creates a Personal Area Network (PAN) for each guest room, so that their streaming devices are protected within the guest room Wi-Fi environment, providing a private, safe and simple content sharing experience for your guests.

Other benefits:

  • Single SSID solution, so your guests can roam around your property and still be connected to their PAN.
  • Device to device connectivity, file sharing, connecting your guests devices to your in room technology (room controls, TV, speakers) is seamless.
  • For hotel input room number and surname into the Wi-Fi portal page, or guests can use our App ‘Pair & Play’ on the Apple TV.
  • For long stay guests like Student accommodation, a self-management portal for residents to add or remove their devices can be used.

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