The Importance of Integrating IT from the Beginning in Construction Projects

Why You Need IT from the Start on Construction Projects

Architect – check. Developer – check. IT support? Not quite yet. One of the biggest mistakes we find on construction projects is engaging your IT crew far too late. Engaging your IT team early can help identify potential network shortcomings and save money in the long run. Here’s how Platform 24 organise network integration on major construction projects and some tips to assess your IT needs.

How Platform 24 prepare construction projects

Fast Wi-Fi is a modern necessity and our team can make sure your new build is setup with the best coverage. Preparations we provide include:

  • Marking up drawings and plans – deciding where cables will run, how many patch panels are needed and how many switches
  • Quoting hardware – minimising excess hardware costs and unnecessary connection points
  • Working with project managers throughout the build
  • Installing excellent enterprise Wi-Fi post-build

Assessing an empty lot

It may not look like it from a patch of dirt on the ground, but you can check whether your empty lot is ready for network connectivity. Start by running an address check to see which internet providers have access in your area. Then ask existing properties that border your lot who their service provider is and whether they rate them highly. You can also test the mobile coverage – is it strong enough for internet use? If not, extra Wi-Fi coverage can compensate.

Assessing an existing building

Assessing an existing building’s Wi-Fi is far easier, but there’s still hidden details only IT professionals know to check. First, you should test and certify any existing network outlets. Just because they exist doesn’t mean they’re working. Second, draw up plans for where new wiring will go so that it’s completed during construction – otherwise you can expect many patch cables post-build. Third, find out if any building materials are likely to obstruct network signals. For example, some hospital areas have lead-lined walls while many warehouses feature strong steel. Knowing about these obstructions early can help you plan how to work around them.

3 important questions

Many of us ask for great Wi-Fi without truly understanding what we mean by ‘great.’ Here’s three questions that help your IT team answer it for you.

  1. How many devices do you plan to have access on the network?
  2. What kind of devices? Mobiles and laptops are obvious, but what about smart technologies like TVs, temperature sensors or security cameras?
  3. Do you need secure setup for unknown guests on their own devices?

Endless experience connecting your construction to networks

Platform 24 have years of experience connecting construction projects throughout Sydney. From student accommodation to hotels and commercial developments – we know how to get you wired up with no-fuss. Call 1300 60 24 80 or submit an online enquiry to get started.

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