When Should You Consider Upgrading to a Managed Cloud Service

When is it Time to Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service?

The timing of business decisions is just as important as the cost and reasoning. You don’t want to do things too early and waste budget but doing things too late can increase mistakes and overall costs. Here are five indicators it might be time to upgrade to managed cloud services.

You’re new to cloud systems

Many business owners don’t realise that cloud systems require ongoing management. They expect to adopt the systems into their workflow, increase productivity and that’s that. If you’re just beginning with cloud systems, it’s a good idea to consider managed cloud services to ensure they run smoothly and securely.

You have security concerns

Online security is an understandable concern for businesses these days. If digital security is a main concern for your company, it’s likely time to engage some tech experts to monitor it for you. While cloud systems are highly secure within themselves, managed cloud services run regular security checks to increase your peace of mind.

Your business is growing quickly

Cloud systems are ideal for fast growing businesses as they allow for scalability. One of the difficulties of growing quickly is bringing on the right teams to help you succeed. With managed cloud services you can skip the time-sensitive interview process for an in-house team and go straight to a team of experts ready to help you grow.

You have many remote workers

Working from home, on project sites or even on the road is increasing with digital tools that make it easier. Having more remote workers also means less secure network connections. Managed cloud services will ensure the security of your systems and make sure they’re always running smoothly for maximum collaboration between remote teams.

You lack the budget for a full in-house tech team

As your company grows and its tech needs increase, you may have considered hiring an in-house tech team. But with only a small budget to allocate to tech, it’s a project that is going to have to wait. Rather than putting tech management on the back burner, you can achieve cost-effective expert support through managed cloud services. Your managed cloud company will ensure its staff have the most up-to-date training in new systems at no extra cost to you.

Talk to Platform 24 when it’s time for managed cloud

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