The Cost Benefits Managed IT Services Can Offer Your Business

What Savings Can Managed IT Bring to My Business?

In the digital era, a company without tech is almost unheard of. But not every company is large enough or technical enough to require in-house tech experts. Here’s where managed IT services can help.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services are a form of expert tech support provided by a company other than your own, able to be scaled for businesses of all sizes. Your ongoing contract has a fixed fee which covers a complete range of IT support to keep your business running smoothly. Here are 5 specific ways that managed IT services can save your business time and money.

  1. Automating tasks

There are many manual tasks which are easily automated with technology and managed IT can bring you the tools to do so. You’ll find your business practices more efficient and less prone to errors. Plus, you can increase time for your employees to work on projects that improve your business.

  1. Reliable, up-to-date security

Data is a huge asset and keeping it secure should be a top priority. Tech-savvy managed IT companies will give you access to the latest security software. Platform 24’s live monitoring will keep you informed of any outages or security threats on a regular basis, preventing issues and saving you money on retrieval.

  1. Predictable ongoing costs

Consistent running costs are one of the biggest assets from managed IT. You’ll have a clear idea how much to budget for tech support and have ongoing access to your IT services’ expertise. Comparing this to the expensive one-off tech fees, it’s clear that the regular service will save you money.

  1. Regular maintenance

All technology ages and updates are required to extend its lifespan. Managed IT services will make sure these updates happen regularly and at times that don’t interrupt your workflow. They’ll also make it less likely you’ll have a tech breakdown or unexpected maintenance bill to handle.

  1. Scheduled reporting

Regular reporting is important to ensure the expected maintenance is being delivered but also to predict when more costly updates are required. You’ll be able to allocate budget early on and avoid surprising bills, plus save yourself time in working these things out for yourself.

Reliable technology support with Platform 24

Platform 24’s managed IT services are available to small-medium businesses throughout Australia. We tailor our support packages to your company’s unique needs and focus on proactive tech support that keeps your company running smoothly. To engage our 24/7 managed IT solutions, call 1300 60 24 80 or get in touch online.

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