Wi-Fi Heat Mapping Understanding

What is Wi-Fi Heat Mapping and How Does It Improve Your Coverage?

You know that informercial where a person is trying to send a work report or watch a movie, but their internet keeps cutting out and they’re bashing their keyboard? Ok, so that’s not a real informercial but it could be. Slow internet is an all too common issue which is especially problematic for enterprise businesses such as offices, hotels and student accommodations. Luckily, Platform 24 have a solution – with Wi-Fi heat mapping we can test and improve your connectivity throughout the building. Here’s how it works.

3 common causes of poor internet

The wrong number of access points: Too few and you’ll have what we call in the industry a ‘dead zone’, too many and they’ll interfere with each other’s signals, disrupting your data flow.

Physical obstructions: From thick brick walls to sturdy antique furnishings – a lot of physical items can hinder your wireless connection.

Competing networks: Nearby internet networks can compete and cause slow speeds or constant disconnections.

The good news is Wi-Fi heat mapping can diagnose each of these problems and our IT experts can provide you with fast-network solutions.

What is Wi-Fi heat mapping?

Wi-Fi heat mapping uses a colour system to grade the connectivity of your space and looks a lot like many other heat maps you’ve seen before. Green indicates a strong connection, yellow for medium and – as usual – red represents a poor connection. If you find yourself struggling with connection issues despite the fact you shelled out for the high-end Wi-Fi package, a heat map can help you get a better picture.

Platform 24 uses heat mapping both to prepare for setting up fast enterprise Wi-Fi on new builds and to diagnose existing network problems. We partner with industry leaders, such as Ruckus, to provide network designs and the best quality internet equipment – so that we not only find the problem, but also fix it. We’ve also used heat mapping to creatively bring portable Wi-Fi connectivity to difficult or unusual locations. Whether that’s a remote worksite, a new construction project or anywhere else off the beaten track.

Heat mapping vs. surveying

You may have come across the term Wi-Fi surveying and want to ensure that you get the best service to fix your connectivity needs. A Wi-Fi survey is actually the overall process, including heat mapping, for planning and testing internet connectivity. It also includes other services such as detecting live access points and measuring noise levels.

Seamless, fast Wi-Fi connectivity with Platform 24

Don’t let slow or glitchy Wi-Fi become your norm. Platform 24’s expert IT team can help you improve your connectivity and manage all your IT needs. Based in Sydney, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes throughout Australia. Call 1300 60 24 80 to speak with one of our experts or submit your message online and we’ll be in touch soon.

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