What does SharePoint entail?

What is SharePoint? (A guide to your next document manager)

In a time where employees “are up to 17% more satisfied with their job” when they collaborate and can leverage digital collaboration solutions, it is no wonder that organisations are regularly looking for ways to achieve this level of business efficiency. As such, while there are a plethora of solutions available, you cannot afford to ignore a robust document management solution. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint tool can magnify your team’s collaboration and innovation capabilities. The following guide will delve into the fascinating world of SharePoint, its features, and its practical applications in the real-world business environment.

What is SharePoint in simple terms?

First launched in 2001, SharePoint is a workplace collaboration platform that primarily functions as a document manager and storage system. This means that it gives organisations all the power and tools they need to share information and keep everyone up to date on company operations. Specifically, it provides a secure, highly configurable space to store, organise, share, and access files/information from any device. 

There are different versions of SharePoint:

How SharePoint boosts collaboration and innovation in business

SharePoint is well-equipped to streamline collaboration and innovation in your business. As a document manager and teamwork facilitator, it serves as a strong foundation to bolster your team’s productivity in the following ways:

Key features of SharePoint for effective document management

The program is packed with several features that make it an effective document manager. Here are some highlights:

What can SharePoint be used for?

As a versatile document manager, SharePoint can be used in various ways to inspire collaboration and innovation in business.

They are:

Tips for maximising the full potential of SharePoint

Take your business’s information management to the next level with the experts

As a collaborative document manager, SharePoint is a powerful platform that can improve employee efficiency while promoting collaboration and innovation in business. However, correctly implementing and managing SharePoint can be challenging. 

The SharePoint professionals at Platform 24 can assist your business with everything to do with Microsoft’s collaboration platform, from implementation and customisation to ongoing support. If you are eager to streamline your business processes, collaboration efforts, and document management, contact Platform 24 today.

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