Leveraging Microsoft 365 to Enhance Business Collaboration and Innovation

Using M365 to boost collaboration and innovation in business

Streamlined collaboration and innovation are the goals of every business. According to a press release issued by Gartner, “By the end of 2023, 39% of global knowledge workers will work hybrid”. This means that having the right tools to facilitate open communication and operational efficiency is an absolute must. That is where Microsoft 365 (M365, Microsoft Office 365) comes in.

From real-time document collaboration to storage and instant messaging, Microsoft 365 offers a range of features that can help business owners enhance their company’s agility. This article will look at how M365 boosts collaboration and innovation in business, resulting in a dynamic and highly competitive organisation.

What is Microsoft 365?

M365 is a cloud-based business suite that supplies companies with all the workplace solutions they need to achieve maximum business efficiency. With M365, organisations can easily streamline their business processes, bolster communication/collaboration, and improve efficiencies across the company.

When using Microsoft 365 for business, users can invest in various subscription plans, ranging in price depending on the solutions they require. In addition to several add-ons and premium features, Microsoft 365 subscriptions are as follows:

Since it uses the cloud, M365 is inherently scalable, giving companies peace of mind knowing that their productivity suite can grow alongside them. At the same time, Microsoft 365 supports numerous cyber security solutions (for example, multi-factor authentication) that businesses can use to better protect their data and sensitive documents. 

M365’s programs include:

How does M365 enhance collaboration and innovation in business?

M365 offers a range of features and services that can improve business efficiency and reduce costs. Here are some ways that M365 can help your business:

Real-time collaboration on documents

When leveraging Microsoft 365 for business, there is a feature that allows multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously, supporting changes and edits in real time. Known as co-authoring, this feature can immediately enhance business efficiency, as it stops companies from having to rely on multiple versions of one document. 

Access files from anywhere

Since it utilises the cloud, M365 lets users access their files and data from anywhere, ensuring that team members have the information and storage space they need to complete their work. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining high standards of process efficiency. With the cloud at your disposal, it does not matter where you or your people are based, everyone will be able to leverage up-to-date company resources and use them to enable high-quality processes.

Robust communication and collaboration spaces

Solutions like Microsoft Teams and Outlook make it easier for employees to communicate with their co-workers, whether that be through chat and video calls (Teams) or emails (Outlook). 

In regards to information storage, SharePoint gives organisations the ability to create intranets – digital spaces that can be used to safely house and share company data within the business environment. Similarly, OneDrive provides users with a more personable outlet for storing files. All in all, using Microsoft 365 for business collaboration and communication is an easy and reliable way to get more done with fewer inefficiencies.   

Enhanced security

Leveraging M365’s security capabilities can help reduce data breaches and other security risks. Microsoft 365 gives you access to the following security features:

Tips for making the most of M365

Effective collaboration and innovation in business begins with dynamic processes that leverage the full potential of M365. To achieve true business efficiency with Microsoft’s productivity tools, you should consider the following tips:

Using Microsoft 365 for business efficiency will take your company to new levels

M365’s productivity tools can help organisations improve their workplace productivity and efficiency with solutions that can support countless processes. And with its intuitive subscription model, companies will have an easier time managing their finances. 

Platform 24’s Microsoft 365 consultants can offer you expert advice and support on M365 implementation and management, ensuring that you leverage the full potential of the suite’s features and services for the betterment of your internal processes. If you are looking for increased collaboration and innovation in your business, contact Platform 24 today.

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