Top 10 Cybersecurity Firms in Sydney 2024

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in Sydney 2024

Cyber security is a critical concern for businesses and individuals alike, especially in a bustling metropolis like Sydney, where technology is constantly evolving. In this article, we explore the top 10 cyber security companies in Sydney, showcasing stand out providers for their innovative approaches, comprehensive services, and commitment to protecting Australian organisations.

Platform 24 offers comprehensive cyber security consulting services in Sydney, focusing on safeguarding businesses against a wide array of cyber threats. Recognising that each business has unique needs, they provide customised security strategies, considering factors like business size and industry.

Their services include the development of tailored security plans, implementation of protective measures like firewalls and encryption, and ensuring data security through backups and other techniques. Platform 24 emphasises the importance of proactive steps in defending data and systems from potential threats, such as malware and phishing attacks.

Vertex Cyber Security offers a suite of cyber security solutions aimed at protecting valuable data assets. Their services include penetration testing, where their experts analyse products for security vulnerabilities, reportedly finding more issues than competitors. They also conduct cyber security audits compliant with ISO/NIST standards, ensuring that organisations and IT teams adhere to best security practices and procedures.

In the event of a cyber incident or data breach, Vertex provides incident response services to help recover systems and minimise organisational impact. Their managed services include virtual CISO and fully managed solutions using their Security Operations Centre (SOC), catering to various security needs of businesses.

Intrix Cyber Security, an Australian company, offers a range of information security services designed to protect businesses from cyber threats. Their approach is collaborative, aligning business outcomes with risk control and data security. They provide managed cyber security services, including continuous identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities, enhanced system security, 24/7 monitoring, real-time threat protection, and ongoing security awareness training.

Intrix integrates best practice cyber security measures with business strategy, focusing on identifying and quantifying cyber risks, protecting digital assets, and providing expert recommendations. They emphasise inclusivity in managing cyber risk, ensuring all stakeholders implement appropriate cyber risk tools and operational policies.

Secure Logic Group provides a comprehensive range of cyber security and IT services, catering to a diverse clientele. Their offerings include managed security services, advanced cyber defence, and ICT transformation, demonstrating a strong focus on protecting digital assets and ensuring robust cyber security.

In addition to these technical services, Secure Logic Group places a strong emphasis on security and risk consulting. They conduct thorough security assessments and offer compliance as a service, ensuring that their clients meet necessary regulatory standards.

CyberStash offers advanced cyber defence solutions through its platform, eclipse.xdr, designed to significantly reduce an organisation’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks and minimise business impact. This platform is a comprehensive cyber security solution that integrates defensive threat intelligence and a threat detection methodology. It focuses on minimising breach dwell-time through periodic forensic-depth compromise assessments and employs automated protection, detection, and incident response mechanisms to safeguard critical assets.

CyberStash’s approach to cyber defence emphasises ease of management, with automated threat hunting and security orchestration reducing the need for additional skilled resources.

Sense of Security is a prominent Australian provider of cyber resilience, information security, and risk management services. They offer a comprehensive range of cyber security services, including penetration testing across various domains such as applications, cloud, and mobile security, as well as denial-of-service testing and incident response services. Their approach is holistic, addressing vulnerabilities at multiple layers within an organisation, from physical locations to internet presence and application security.

Their expertise is backed by industry accreditations and a history of delivering solutions across a wide range of sectors, including work with Australian local, state, and federal governments.

ProBonza Cyber Security, a member of the Australian Information Security Association and the Small Business Association, offers a wide range of cyber security solutions. Their services are designed to provide comprehensive protection online, available as one-time packages or monthly protection plans.

ProBonza’s services include data privacy and compliance, addressing new laws that require companies to comply with privacy rules and manage customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII). They offer privacy risk analysis, privacy training and setup, governance and compliances, and a Virtual Privacy Officer (VPO).

StickmanCyber offers Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS), a comprehensive solution designed for organisations that may not have the in-house resources to meet their cyber security needs. This service is particularly beneficial for SMBs, providing them with unlimited access to a range of cyber security services. These include 24/7 monitoring, incident response, endpoint detection and response, and ongoing maintenance/support of compliance and certification.

StickmanCyber’s CSaaS also offers internal audits, security improvement guidance, policy and procedures development, and cyber security training for employees.

Zirilio positions itself as a leader in cyber security, offering a range of services designed to assess, protect, and manage the digital security needs of businesses. Their approach includes conducting extensive security assessments aligned with international frameworks, such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, cloud risk assessments, and rapid incident response.

They also provide ISO/IEC 27001 certification services and secure operating environment services, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining high standards in cyber security.

Content Security prioritises cyber resilience through end-to-end security solutions. Their key service areas include penetration testing, enterprise security solutions, risk and security advisement, and threat operations services. With over 21 years’ of experience, they have ISO 27001, 0SCP, and CRT certifications.

Their team aims to identify gaps in current security frameworks and develop a roadmap towards identifying and prioritising the security projects based on a business risk-driven approach. They also conduct onsite assessments, compliance advisory, and forensics incident response.

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