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Maximize the potential of your SharePoint environment with tailored solutions from Platform 24. Their expertise ensures that SharePoint is precisely configured to meet your unique business requirements, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across your organization. Platform 24’s approach goes beyond standard implementations, focusing on optimizing workflows, data management, and user experience to fully leverage SharePoint’s capabilities.

What is SharePoint? (A guide to your next document manager)

What does SharePoint entail?

In a time where employees “are up to 17% more satisfied with their job” when they collaborate and can leverage digital collaboration solutions, it is no wonder that organisations are regularly looking for ways to achieve this level of business efficiency. As such, while there are a plethora of solutions available, you cannot afford to […]

SharePoint vs OneDrive for file storage: which is best?

Comparing SharePoint and OneDrive for File Storage

As businesses continue to work in a time governed by advanced technology, efficient and secure file storage has allowed them to better organise and store sensitive data. In this space, OneDrive and SharePoint both offer the ability to store files. But choosing between them can be challenging when they appear similar.   This article will demystify […]

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