Comparing SharePoint and OneDrive for File Storage

SharePoint vs OneDrive for file storage: which is best?

As businesses continue to work in a time governed by advanced technology, efficient and secure file storage has allowed them to better organise and store sensitive data. In this space, OneDrive and SharePoint both offer the ability to store files. But choosing between them can be challenging when they appear similar.  

This article will demystify OneDrive and SharePoint to help you better determine which one is the best fit for your needs. 

A simple explanation of SharePoint

A collaboration platform, SharePoint allows team members to access and store sensitive documents and files in a centralised setting. It can streamline project management and information sharing (while also working with other tools like Microsoft Teams), giving it a reputation as a reliable collaboration tool for companies.

The file storage solution supports an array of advanced features, including SharePoint team sites, libraries, lists, and customisable intranets. SharePoint On-Premises is the in-house iteration of Microsoft’s cloud-based storage tool. Meanwhile, its counterpart, SharePoint Online, runs using the cloud. The solution is available in the M365 (Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft 365) suite, or it can be acquired independently. 

A simple explanation of OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage tool that is constructed atop SharePoint. It grants users unprecedented access to their personal files and folders. Since it uses the cloud, you can access OneDrive from any internet-connected device. This level of convenience also extends to its co-authoring feature – a solution that allows multiple people to work on a single document in real time (a feature that it and SharePoint have in common). 

With its data syncing, encryption, and file-sharing capabilities, OneDrive is a dynamic workplace file storage tool for organisations. There are various ways one can obtain OneDrive. They include the following:

OneDrive vs SharePoint for file storage: which should you choose?

When debating ‘SharePoint vs OneDrive’ for file storage, it is important to consider the purpose of the solutions and the type of organisation they may be more beneficial for. 

Since its pages have the means to leverage applications that cannot be constructed in OneDrive (not to mention the powerful organisational abilities of SharePoint’s libraries), SharePoint may be a better option for larger teams that require a collaboration tool that spans the entire company environment. Also, its security capabilities (such as its ability to let users control accessibility via permissions even if they are using SharePoint in M365) can help mitigate threats. 

OneDrive, on the other hand, is a document library that supports a more personable experience, potentially making it a better file storage option for small-sized organisations. Despite not offering the same level of advanced file storage and document management as SharePoint, OneDrive does deliver core features that businesses can use to enable their operations.   

Ultimately, the choice between SharePoint and OneDrive is determined by your organisation’s needs. If you need a full-scale environment that goes beyond standard file storage to create a robust collaboration space, SharePoint may be the better option for you. If you are interested in a hassle-free storage experience that gives you more autonomy over your files, OneDrive may be the solution for you.

OneDrive vs SharePoint: what to consider when choosing between them

When choosing between SharePoint and OneDrive, there are several factors to consider. A few of them include:

SharePoint vs OneDrive? Ask Microsoft experts for advice

Both SharePoint and OneDrive can be used for file storage. But, the differences in their intended use dictate their suitability for businesses. SharePoint is primarily aimed at organisations that require a dynamic platform for project coordination and collaboration. OneDrive is ideal for more personable use cases, such as intuitive file storage and sharing.  

But do not worry about selecting the wrong tool for your company and people. The Microsoft specialists at Platform 24 can help you evaluate your file storage needs, choose/deploy the right solution, and manage it moving forward. With Platform 24, you can ensure that your files are secure, accessible, and easy to manage within SharePoint and OneDrive – no matter where you are.

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