Essential Networking Small Businesses Should Not Overlook

Networks: The Other Networking Small Businesses Need

Network, network, network. It seems to be the key to a successful small business, but what about the other network? Your IT Network. What are the key steps to implementing a small business network that can be sustained, grow with your business and is backed up with fast recovery? In this blog we discuss what you need to know about setting up a network for your small business.

Plan for the future

Check your existing phonelines to determine if any extra cabling is required, plan the office layout and establish a system for hardwire servers to optimise performance. Wireless access points can help network speeds; however, network cable is recommended.

In this stage you must consider if you have enough space in your office and existing cables to expand your business in the future.

Setup your Equipment

Setting up your business with the right equipment is key to reducing issues with your network. Ask yourself, do you want a PC or MAC platform, how many computers do you need, is there a requirement for mobile technology for staff and what software does your company need?

Consider the setup of directories, drives and share files. And don’t forget the website and email setups that need to take place.

Your security

Protect your business with a firewall. This is incredibly important and not a time to ‘save money.’ Your small business is your livelihood, so do your research and ensure you get the best advice on what protection your users and your businesses data need.

What server do you need?

When choosing a server, you need to consider what size it needs to be. Consider the number of users, security requirements and storage requirements, especially if your server is also your centralised storage system. You’re likely to need help from an IT professional with the server component of the network.

Backup & Recovery

You need to back up your small business and its data. That’s why a recovery system is so important. The key questions you’ll need to ask yourself are, will you have a daily or weekly backup, will it be stored on or off-site and will it be stored in a secure physical location? There are many other important issues to consider when it comes to backup and recovery systems for your small business, so ensure you research before you make any decisions.

Remember when setting up your small business network, it’s important that your initial setup is tailored to your small business, as each business is different with different needs.

Need help setting up your small business network?

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