Microsoft Copilot Issues and How to Overcome Them

Microsoft Copilot is a powerful AI-powered assistant, created by Microsoft to integrate into its complete suite of applications and tools to streamline tasks and expand the users’ own creative capabilities. 

However, its recent rollout has seen a set of certain issues quickly arise – but with the right controls and knowledge, you can overcome these challenges so that Copilot can properly integrate into your business’s systems and processes for a smarter, smoother working experience.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot was designed by Microsoft to amplify productivity and streamline tasks. It’s a cutting-edge AI tool embedded within Microsoft 365 apps and tools, tailored to understand and execute a myriad of business-related commands. From drafting emails in Outlook to generating data analysis in Excel, Copilot is the epitome of AI-driven efficiency, acting as a personal assistant to each user.

It’s also a useful collaborative partner, offering suggestions and improvements to enhance your work quality, and is built to intuitively integrate with your existing workflows.

Issues with Microsoft Copilot

Data Security and Privacy

When introducing any new technology into your business operations, especially one as integrated and data-driven as Microsoft 365 Copilot, data privacy naturally becomes a focal point of concern. The apprehension stems from the potential risk of sensitive information being inadvertently exposed or misused, given the AI’s access to a wide array of company data to perform its tasks. 

Copilot also does not inherently adhere to the user access controls and permissions implemented by businesses, meaning that any user could potentially be exposed to information or data they should not have.

Integration Issues

Integrating new technologies into existing systems can sometimes feel like fitting a square peg into a round hole. With Microsoft Copilot, businesses might face challenges in aligning the AI’s capabilities with their current infrastructure, especially if they rely on custom or legacy systems.

While Copilot is built to be compatible with the broader Microsoft 365 suite, ensuring a smoother integration with commonly used applications like Word, Excel, and Teams, it has limited compatibility with non-Microsoft products and software. It also cannot inherently access local files and business’s personal data, which presents further problems for companies who use both cloud and on-premises resources.

Generated Response Inconsistencies

Copilot can produce responses from partial information or misinterpretations, which leads to inaccuracies throughout the task. This is particularly concerning when it comes to maintaining brand-consistency, or accidentally delivering incorrect information.

Moreover, since Copilot depends on pre-existing data, there’s a risk that it could perpetuate any inherent mistakes, potentially impacting decision-making.

Cost Concerns

Copilot Pro is available at $33AUD per user/month, which could be a considerable investment for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that generally operate on limited resources, and need to carefully consider the cost implications and potential outcomes of certain investments before committing.

For those uncertain about the financial commitment, Microsoft offers a free version of Copilot. This is a useful opportunity for businesses to assess the tool’s value in their specific operational context before fully committing.

Potential Solutions for Copilot Limitations

Strengthen Data Security

Conduct comprehensive security audits to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure that all data interactions with Copilot adhere to stringent privacy standards. Implementing advanced encryption techniques and data access management through Microsoft’s security settings can help to mitigate risks, safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorised access.

Employee Training

Equipping your team with the knowledge to effectively use Copilot can dramatically enhance its utility and minimise errors. Tailored training sessions that cover the functionalities of Copilot and best practices for secure and efficient use can empower your employees to leverage this AI tool to its fullest potential. 

Encourage an environment of continuous learning and feedback, where employees can share insights and strategies for optimising Copilot’s application in their daily tasks.

Use the Free Version

Exploring Copilot through a free trial period offers a risk-free opportunity to assess its compatibility with your business needs and workflows. This hands-on experience allows you to gauge the tool’s effectiveness and identify any potential issues in a controlled setting.

Consult with Specialists

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide invaluable expertise in overcoming Copilot’s limitations. MSPs can offer customised strategies and support tailored to your business’s unique needs and challenges. 

From fine-tuning data security measures to facilitating seamless integration with existing systems, MSPs can play a crucial role in unlocking Copilot’s full potential while navigating its limitations.

Overcome Microsoft Copilot’s Issues with Expert Support

Navigating the potential hurdles presented by Microsoft Copilot requires a proactive approach, ensuring that this innovative tool becomes a catalyst for efficiency and growth rather than a source of concern. 

The Microsoft consultants at Platform 24 can advise you on Copilots’ best uses, train your employees, and implement data security solutions to keep your sensitive information private. Reach out to us today, and mitigate the rollout challenges of modern, intelligent digital solutions right from the start.

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