Understanding Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi Explained: What it Means and How it Benefits Your Business

Fast and reliable internet is nothing short of essential for modern businesses in any industry. It connects you with customers, helps staff communicate, generates new leads and even facilitates point of sale equipment. But most managers know that running a network for a business can be a nightmare, regardless of whether you need elaborate IT infrastructure for the office or simply want a steady connection throughout a retail space.

Large enterprises have the luxury of internal IT departments to manage a secure Wi-Fi network, but what about small to medium-sized businesses? Many resort to throwing together a makeshift network and end up paying for it in the long run, while those with managed Wi-Fi free up valuable time and resources.

The drawbacks of a self-managed network

Lack of time and expertise

Smaller teams may be capable of setting up a basic, consumer-level internet connection on their own, but lack the specialised knowledge to establish a business-ready network.

Increased downtime

When things go wrong with your network, any time spent trying to fix the issue on your own is time you aren’t dedicating to more important tasks. Looking for one-off IT support online isn’t much better, and means any hiccups in service will cause major disruptions for your business.

Inflexible infrastructure

As your business expands and contracts, so should your Wi-Fi if it has any hope of remaining efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Self-managed networks take more time and effort to scale, making them inflexible in the long term.

Not built for purpose

Businesses need Wi-Fi for different reasons, such as keeping staff online, giving access to guests, running point of sale systems or all the above. Basic networks aren’t always suitable for business use, which can make self-managed Wi-Fi fall short of expectations.

Why managed Wi-Fi is a game-changer

Tailored to your needs

Your business needs faster speeds, better reliability and more features than a home network. Managed Wi-Fi services are tailored to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless network.

Ongoing support

Get any Wi-Fi issues solved quickly with minimal disruption to your business. Managed Wi-Fi gives you access to 24/7 support, which means less technical headaches for you and more time to kick goals.

Scale with ease

Fresh recruits joining the team? Opening a new branch? Any changes to your network are made efficient and stress-free, particularly for businesses on the move.

Lower, more predictable costs

Affordable, ongoing fees make it easier to budget for a managed Wi-Fi network, cutting out the unpredictability of one-off maintenance or the hidden costs of downtime caused by IT failures.

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