Supervised Hybrid Cloud Technology

Managed Hybrid Cloud Technology: Is It Right For Your Business?

What is Hybrid Cloud Technology?

Essentially, hybrid cloud technology is giving your business and end users the best of both worlds between your existing investments in onsite IT infrastructure and new inclusions of cloud technology. Cloud technology allows you to place information and systems into secure, yet widely more accessible online locations via managed hosting outside of your business. By taking the time to understand which areas of your IT requirements run at their best, you can transition certain operations to the cloud, while keeping others that function better on your premises, ultimately lowering costs and improving your ability to scale up or down.

Optimising IT Workloads for Your Business

The question is, will your business’s specific IT workloads benefit from this hybrid approach to cloud technology? Regardless of whether the Cloud is public or private, it can be revolutionary to many business applications, such as CRM and Office 365, to reduce overheads, but unsuitable for others, like print servers, which are better to be utilised on premises.

It’s important to remember that hybrid cloud technology isn’t an all encompassing investment. The ‘hybrid’ element allows you to alter your processes to suit your particular business, so every business can find a formula that complements their unique IT needs.

IT Requirements to Move to the Cloud

To know which IT workloads could benefit from being transferred to cloud technology, begin with an in-depth assessment of your current infrastructure. This will allow you to recognise the suitability of processes conducted via a new platform, the return on investment of the endeavour, as well as the response from all concerned parties, including your end users. These processes will generally have variable workloads, need backup and restore solutions, requiring low to medium security, are data intensive, and are isolated without latency being an issue.

Once there, you may find some common applications being transferred, including:

  • Email
  • Business analytics
  • CRM custom business applications
  • E-Commerce and online tools

Work with the Managed IT Professionals

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