Securing Dependable Internet Connectivity for Remote Construction Locations

How to Get Reliable Internet Access on Remote Construction Sites

Humans have gone from passing notes and carrier pigeons to instant communication with the internet. The only catch is – you have to be connected to the internet to use it. When it comes to a remote construction site, you may be tempted to go back to the old ways. We’re here to tell you – you don’t have to. Getting reliable internet services on a remote construction project is entirely possible, and even easy with Platform 24’s setup.

Connecting your construction site

If reliable internet on an empty lot sounds like magic, rest assured it isn’t. Well, perhaps a bit of tech magic goes into the mix. Primarily it’s about leveraging existing network systems like 4G and 5G, to give you full coverage. As tech experts we also use lesser known industry technologies, such as microwave energy. We have experience on civil engineering and construction sites providing indoor, outdoor and underground coverage. Whether your site office is in the basement of the building or a storage container outside, we’ll transform it from a dungeon to dialled in.

Being connected is one thing, but the quality of the connection is what’s truly important. Sending a few quick-fire emails requires different internet access to downloading high-res site plans from the cloud. We’ll set you up so that almost any task, big or small, is seamless. That includes voice and video calls to connect with other teams, clients and stakeholders in your project.

Removing the one-size-fits all approach

Anyone that tells you Wi-Fi setups are always easy or follow one road, probably doesn’t understand the ins and outs of high-quality Wi-Fi. We avoid blanket solutions by assessing your site to provide a custom setup. Factors we assess include:

  • How many workers will be on site?
  • How large is the site and where is the main office located?
  • What kinds of devices will be in use?
  • Are there signs of interference from nearby buildings?

Key benefits to Platform 24’s remote connectivity

At Platform 24, we’re committed to efficient and affordable tech service. We offer monthly plans for remote connectivity which means you only pay for what you need, no lock-in contracts required. Our personalised recommendations will make sure your internet connection is efficient and doesn’t waste resources.

Connect with the tech experts for an all-access pass to great internet

Based in Sydney, Platform 24 assist businesses throughout Australia with our managed cloud, Office 365 and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. We take the technical out of tech solutions so that you have the reliable setups you need to get the job done, without worrying about any nitty gritty details. Call us on 1300 60 24 80 or reach out online to discuss your tech needs.

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