Does My Company Require External IT Support

Does My Company Need Outside IT Help?

It isn’t until we actually begin our businesses that we realise all the background tasks needed to be completed before we can even start offering our products or services. One of the most critical your Information Technology (IT) needs.

In this blog, the team at Platform 24 explore why your company might need outside IT help.

Professional Application

Whether you are starting up as a local trades provider or building towards releasing a revolutionary new product across the country, it is likely you will have at least some IT demands in order to remain competitive in this modern market. It is highly likely, however, that IT isn’t your passion, and therefore not your strongest suit. That’s where firms like Platform 24 can help. Managed IT is our passion, and we can deliver the professional application of streamlining and security processes to help your organisation run smoother, leaving you with the time and capabilities to refine/grow your operations.

Greater IT Protection

A great deal of our sensitive information is received and stored within our IT systems, so we need to ensure appropriate security measures are in place for adequate protection. Hackers and the risk of malware are very real threats, after all, and managed IT services will provide software updates and patch management, as well as monitoring your system’s strength so spyware and other nefarious entities won’t pose as much of a threat.

Clearer Budgeting

When you are inexperienced with IT, it’s common for your expenses to fluctuate due to unexpected issues and developments, making budgeting far more difficult. Outsourcing your IT services will help you maintain consistent rates throughout a period, whether it be a month or a year, while monitoring software, hardware, communication systems, databases, networks and more. This assists in creating more accurate budgets for your operations to better account for the future.


Scaling a business is frequently a trying endeavour, and developing your IT systems to match your new capabilities will pose a mountain of potential problems. Outside IT assistance from professionals who have dealt with this case many times before will offer you resources not otherwise available, designed to smoothen the process and get you to your end goal, faster.

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