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3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Enterprise Wi-Fi

In this day and age, businesses that don’t have fast and consistent Wi-Fi are bound to fall behind their competition. As top-notch companies need their teams to effortlessly communicate with each other, customers and outside stakeholders, leaving your network’s performance to chance simply isn’t good enough. Rather than leaving the setup of your vital network […]

Managed Wi-Fi Explained: What it Means and How it Benefits Your Business

Fast and reliable internet is nothing short of essential for modern businesses in any industry. It connects you with customers, helps staff communicate, generates new leads and even facilitates point of sale equipment. But most managers know that running a network for a business can be a nightmare, regardless of whether you need elaborate IT […]

What is Wi-Fi Heat Mapping and How Does It Improve Your Coverage?

You know that informercial where a person is trying to send a work report or watch a movie, but their internet keeps cutting out and they’re bashing their keyboard? Ok, so that’s not a real informercial but it could be. Slow internet is an all too common issue which is especially problematic for enterprise businesses […]

5 Benefits to Enterprise WiFi: Keep Your Business Connected & Secure

Fast, secure access to the internet is an essential of our modern times. But how do you provide this to your employees and guests? Enterprise WiFi offers a solution for businesses in Australia and worldwide. With scalable solutions, your WiFi can grow with your business. Here are five benefits to using enterprise WiFi in your […]

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