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IT & Cyber Security Investment Guide

Guide to Investing in IT and Cybersecurity

Continuous Investment in IT: Not a ‘Set and Forget’ Game If you’re a business owner, you’re already juggling countless responsibilities. Cyber security and compliance in IT might seem like tasks for a specialised department, yet they are responsibilities that impact every facet of your business, from your finances to your reputation. Never Stop Monitoring for […]

The ROI of Managed IT Services for Businesses

The Return on Investment in Managed IT Services for Companies

Every business, regardless of its size or industry, relies on technology to operate efficiently and stay competitive. Managed IT services have emerged as a strategic tool for companies to ensure their technology infrastructure is robust, secure, and agile. But how can we quantify the return on investment (ROI) of managed IT services? By understanding the […]

Balancing the IT Budget: The Consequences of Cutting Corners Today

Managing the IT Budget

In the modern era where businesses stand on the backbone of technology, the significance of a well-advised IT budget can’t be overstated. With the world witnessing rising costs of living and inflation, organisations might feel the pressure to cut corners, particularly in their technology spending. However, the short-term relief brought by these cuts could pave […]

Streamlining Business Operations with Modern IT Solutions

Optimizing Business Processes Through Contemporary IT Innovations

The 21st century has unequivocally demonstrated that the heart of business transformation lies in technology. As enterprises grapple with constant changes in business and markets, Information Technology (IT) solutions present themselves as not just facilitators but crucial differentiators in achieving operational efficiency. And the intricate interplay between business and technology holds profound implications for the […]

Why businesses should partner with managed service providers

Reasons Businesses Should Collaborate with Managed Service Providers

With global information technology (IT) spending expected to reach “$4.6 trillion in 2023”, it is clear as day that IT is helping businesses scale up. But in order to keep their IT solutions healthy and efficient, companies will need to have access to the right resources and expertise. Managed service providers (MSPs) can offer all […]

Break/fix vs managed services: which saves you more money?

Comparing Fix and Managed Service

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having efficient technology solutions grants businesses several important benefits. However, users may encounter issues with their information technology (IT) systems. When this happens, the terms ‘break/fix’ and ‘managed IT services’ spring up as possible solutions to resolve problems. But which is the most budget-friendly for businesses? Understanding the differences between […]

Why the construction industry needs a technology roadmap

Discovering Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools Beyond Just SharePoint

In an era where technology is rapidly transforming every industry, the construction sector must not be left behind. By planning for a more sustainable and innovative technology infrastructure, a well-crafted technology roadmap is the key to successfully deploying information technology (IT) solutions within your construction company. This article will examine why companies in the construction […]

Top 10 Managed IT Companies in Sydney 2024

Top 10 IT Management Firms in Sydney for 2024

Selecting the right managed IT service provider is crucial for businesses in Sydney, where the demand for reliable, efficient, and innovative IT solutions is constantly growing. In this bustling city, a multitude of companies offer managed IT services, each bringing unique strengths and specialisations to the table. This article aims to highlight the top 10 […]

Why You Need IT from the Start on Construction Projects

The Importance of Integrating IT from the Beginning in Construction Projects

Architect – check. Developer – check. IT support? Not quite yet. One of the biggest mistakes we find on construction projects is engaging your IT crew far too late. Engaging your IT team early can help identify potential network shortcomings and save money in the long run. Here’s how Platform 24 organise network integration on […]

When is it Time to Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service?

When Should You Consider Upgrading to a Managed Cloud Service

The timing of business decisions is just as important as the cost and reasoning. You don’t want to do things too early and waste budget but doing things too late can increase mistakes and overall costs. Here are five indicators it might be time to upgrade to managed cloud services. You’re new to cloud systems […]

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