Comparing Fix and Managed Service

Break/fix vs managed services: which saves you more money?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having efficient technology solutions grants businesses several important benefits. However, users may encounter issues with their information technology (IT) systems. When this happens, the terms ‘break/fix’ and ‘managed IT services’ spring up as possible solutions to resolve problems.

But which is the most budget-friendly for businesses? Understanding the differences between these two models (and their impact on your organisation’s IT) is crucial in making an informed decision. In this article, we will unveil the true cost-effectiveness of break/fix vs managed services.

What are break/fix services?

Break/fix services are a reactionary approach to providing IT support. Specifically, it involves an IT technician arriving onsite to fix issues once they are identified by users. 

In this model, businesses only pay for the services they receive, typically on a per-hour basis. Any additional costs usually come from extra tools that the technician needs to solve problems. Break/fix services do not rely on contracts. Instead, after the job is complete, the technician leaves without offering any ongoing support.  

Break/fix services: the pros and cons

The technical support offered by break/fix providers has its advantages and disadvantages. These traits are:

The pros

The cons

What are managed IT services?

Managed services represent a proactive, comprehensive approach to IT support. Conducted by a managed services provider (MSP), managed services are when an external provider takes responsibility for managing, monitoring, and maintaining a business’s IT infrastructure. MSPs provide various services, including:

An MSP’s services are rolled out based on service level agreements (SLAs) – contracts that specify the services that will be provided, penalties, etc.

Managed IT services: the pros and cons

The MSP model is a popular IT support solution for organisations of any size. Similar to break/fix, managed services has its pros and cons. These include the following:

The pros

The cons

Break/fix vs managed services: which is cheaper?

Break/fix services may seem cheaper as you only pay for support when it is needed. But, the model’s reactive approach can result in extended downtime, lost productivity, and recurring issues. This unpredictability in IT expenses can make budgeting difficult and can force you to spend more money.

Managed IT services provide a predictable cost structure through SLAs, helping businesses to budget effectively and avoid unexpected IT costs. It also prioritises risk mitigation and proactive support, leading to long-term cost savings and uptime. The partnership between an MSP and a business can lead to greater innovation and increased revenue.

Break/fix vs managed services: make the right decision with expert help

At the end of the day, while break/fix has its uses, managed services can significantly enhance your business’s IT efficiency without forcing you to overspend on your technology solutions. 

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