Balancing efficiency and data security in a modern workplace

Balancing efficiency and data security in a modern workplace

The modern workplace offers a dynamic environment that enables employees to be more productive and flexible. But in a time where cyber threats evolve every day, finding a balance between operational efficiency and data security is crucial. 

This blog will look into how businesses can achieve this balance for greater enterprise mobility and data security. 

Why should modern businesses care about data security?

Companies across sectors rely heavily on data to drive strategic decision-making, optimise operations, and create unique products and services for their customers. Consequently, safeguarding this information with powerful cyber security solutions allows organisations to protect their processes and remain competitive. 

Succumbing to cyber-attacks and other threats can result in your company experiencing:

Why should modern workplaces balance data security and employee efficiency?

Workplace efficiency is key to organisational survival and growth. Businesses need to deliver high-quality products and services, quickly and cost-effectively, to meet evolving customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge. However, enhancing operational efficiency should not come at the cost of data security. 

Defensive tools that slow down or are incompatible with processes can be counterproductive, ultimately doing more harm than good. Cyber security measures should complement and improve the existing employee experience, allowing your staff to work within a safe environment. That way, you and your team can focus on delivering value to customers.  

How to balance efficiency and data security

1. User education

User education can go a long way in protecting your business and IT solutions from malicious entities. While often thought of as external problems, cyber security threats can also come from within an organisation. Therefore, it is vital to educate users (employees) on how they can use their IT solutions effectively while exercising data security practices. 

Apart from providing guidance on utilising technology efficiently and productively, user education should also cover strong password creation, how to handle social engineering, and more. When your staff understand how to use and defend their technologies, your modern workplace will have an easier time remaining compliant and productive.

2. Access controls

Access controls are vital for balancing data security and efficiency, as they limit access to sensitive data and systems, reducing breach risks. To simplify things, these types of cyber security solutions typically leverage the following two components:

Within a modern workplace, access controls can make it easier for businesses to oversee their resources, maintain compliance, and obtain a stronger understanding of who is viewing and accessing sensitive information. Not only can this give you peace of mind regarding the security of your IT solutions, but it can also ensure that your team members are only accessing the data they need for their jobs.  

3. Mobile device management

Remote work and hybrid work environments are the norm nowadays, so it is important that a modern workplace has the means to safeguard its devices. Mobile device management (MDM) offers companies various cyber security solutions that can defend and manage mobile devices for use in the workplace. 

MDM covers cyber security solutions such as:

Your employees’ mobile devices connect their users directly to your business’s systems, including its collaboration tools, data, and more. In a 2020 study, the Ponemon Institute found that over 60% of organisations (68% to be exact) encountered “one or more endpoint attacks” that were successful in undermining IT resources (during the previous 12 months of the study) – a sign that device security was and is crucial. 

With MDM, your company will be able to better balance employee efficiency with data security by allowing your team to make the most of its carefully defended devices.    

Acquire advanced cyber security solutions for your modern workplace

By leveraging mobile device management, user education, and access controls within a unified space, modern companies can strike a balance between workplace efficiency and data security. And once you have both traits powering your organisation, you and your team will be able to adapt to market changes, become more productive (with a greater work-life balance), and grow your company’s competitive edge. 

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The modern workplace calls for advanced IT solutions, engaged employees, and inherent innovation. Contact Platform 24 today to transform your organisation into a dynamic force with the power of data security and workplace efficiency.

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