6 Essential Components for Enhanced Cybersecurity

6 ‘Must-haves’ for Better Cyber Security [2024]

As we step into 2024, the business landscape is adjusting to a shift in workplace dynamics. Despite the recent downturn in support for remote work among business owners, the lessons learned from the remote work era remain crucial when it comes to improving cyber security. Cyber threats continue to evolve in complexity and frequency, exploiting vulnerabilities in both traditional and modern IT environments. This underscores the need for robust employee training and the implementation of best practices company-wide to secure digital assets. The focus now is not only on managing these threats but also on adapting to changing work models while maintaining stringent cyber security standards. Let’s take a look at 6 actionable strategies that you can start implementing in your business today:

Cybersecurity Policy Framework

Establish a robust cyber security policy that acts as a comprehensive framework, outlining security measures and aligning security specialists with employees. This policy should be hierarchical, with a centralised approach and tailored policies for each department to cater to distinct requirements and enhance overall effectiveness​​.

Zero Trust

In the era of remote work, cloud environments, and IoT devices, the security perimeter of organisations has expanded significantly. It’s essential to secure border routers, implement screened subnets, and enforce restricted access to sensitive data. The zero-trust model, advocating for continuous validation of users and devices, should be integrated to complement traditional protection measures like firewalls and VPNs​​.

People-Centric Security Policy

Adopting a people-centric security approach is essential, as human error remains a significant factor in breaches. Regular cyber security awareness training, effective communication of risks and threats, adherence to cyber security policies, and fostering a strong cyber security culture are key. This approach also involves controlling and restricting employee access to sensitive resources and continuously monitoring their activities involving critical data​​.

Access Control to Sensitive Data

Implement the principle of least privilege, granting employees minimal access rights and elevating them only when necessary. This strategy reduces the risk of insider threats and security breaches. Additionally, a just-in-time approach to access management should be employed, granting access upon request for a specific duration and with a valid justification​​.

Password Management

Wise password management is essential. Employ tools offering passwordless authentication, one-time passwords, and encryption capabilities. Encourage employees to use unique, complex passwords for each account, separate personal and business accounts, and regularly update passwords. Leveraging password managers and generators can significantly reduce the likelihood of account compromise​​.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Given the rise in cyber-attacks and their increasing sophistication, it’s more crucial than ever to educate employees about cyber security. Training should focus on identifying potential dangers, safeguarding sensitive data, and practising safe online behaviour. Moreover, a “Human Firewall Approach” that includes cyber security training and simulated phishing tests can effectively identify and address vulnerabilities in practices and culture​​.

It’s Time to Boost Your Cyber Security

It’s clear that a combination of robust company-wide policies, advanced technology, and comprehensive employee training is important as we approach 2024. Implementing these strategies not only secures your business and operations against evolving cyber threats but also fosters a culture of cyber security awareness throughout your organisation.

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