Advantages of Temporary Internet for Remote Projects

6 Benefits to Short-Term Internet on Remote Projects

At Platform 24, we can deliver connectivity on short-term projects via networks such as 5G, month to month NBN, and dark fibre. Don’t worry about what that all means, we’ll handle the complicated tech talk. Though if you really must know, dark fibre is an unlit optical fibre which can be leased from a network service provider. There, we told you. Take the information and run!

All you really need to know is that we can provide fast, reliable internet for as long as you need it. But why would you want it? Here are 6 benefits to a short-term wireless connection for any project.

  1. No lock-in contracts

Possibly the greatest benefit to our short-term connections is they have no lock-in contracts. Whether you know exactly how long you’ll require connectivity, or you’re a bit grey on the details, we can provide it for the duration of your project. When the project is complete, there will be no cancellation or other fees and we can even set your new build up with enterprise WiFi.

  1. Ability to move freely on your worksite

Construction, mining and other big industries are becoming increasingly more digitised. With modern tech, you expect the same great coverage whether you’re in the heart of the site office or out on the field. We use WiFi heat mapping to ensure you’ll have optimum connectivity no matter where you’re working.

  1. Scalable for different connectivity needs

Sometimes you know that you’ll only need a connection in one very specific place. With our scalable solutions, we can get your whole site setup or just a single area. This ensures a cost-effective service for you, as there are no blanket solutions where you’ll pay for connectivity in a place you never use it.

  1. Setup is faster with no fixed lines required

Standard internet connections run on fixed lines, which is great for the long-term necessity but could mean you wait half your project for internet to be setup. By not using a fixed line for our remote connections we can provide faster setups and use less hardware overall.

  1. Reusable hardware

Once your project is complete, we can take the same hardware and get you setup all over again on the next one. There may be no lock-in contracts, but we do find our customers use our remote connectivity services over and over again – because they’re just so convenient.

Taking the tough out of tech

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