5 Advantages of Enterprise WiFi

5 Benefits to Enterprise WiFi: Keep Your Business Connected & Secure

Fast, secure access to the internet is an essential of our modern times. But how do you provide this to your employees and guests? Enterprise WiFi offers a solution for businesses in Australia and worldwide. With scalable solutions, your WiFi can grow with your business. Here are five benefits to using enterprise WiFi in your business.

  1. Handle multiple users with ease

Enterprise WiFi is designed for environments with a high demand for data. It could be hosting video conferences, running seminars online or ensuring hundreds of guests or employees have smooth internet access. No matter what your requirements are, enterprise WiFi ensures fast and reliable connections for a large number of users.

  1. Capacity for secure guest connections

Large-scale WiFi connections are most commonly associated with office buildings however, they’re hugely important for public and shared spaces. High traffic areas such as schools, hotels, shopping centres or hospitals require secure WiFi access – for both staff and guests. With Platform 24’s managed enterprise WiFi, we’ll employ data and content restrictions that keep guest users in line.

  1. Compatible with any device

We’re far beyond the days where a desktop computer was required for internet access. Portable technologies from phones to tablets, laptops and even gaming systems can access WiFi from anywhere. Compatibility with all devices means your WiFi will never be the reason an important presentation was put on hold, or a hotel guest was unsatisfied with their stay.

  1. Wide signal coverage

Buildings with multiple floors require a WiFi connection that is fit for the layout. Enterprise WiFi has a wide signal coverage that means no dropouts when users are moving between floors. Our managed WiFi services also provides location zone control so you can decide where to grant access.

  1. Increased employee & customer satisfaction

Everyone expects quality WiFi these days – whether at their workplace or in their leisure hours. With an enterprise WiFi connection, you can ensure your employees remain productive and your customers are entirely satisfied with their service. It’s this kind of minor detail which can create a loyal employee or a returning customer.

Upgrade to enterprise WiFi with Platform 24

These five benefits are only scratching the surface of the possibilities once you upgrade to an enterprise WiFi connection. To learn more about our scalable, efficient IT solutions – from enterprise WiFi to managed IT, contact the team. Call on 1300 60 24 80 or submit your details online.

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