Frequent Errors in Establishing Enterprise Wi-Fi

3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Enterprise Wi-Fi

In this day and age, businesses that don’t have fast and consistent Wi-Fi are bound to fall behind their competition. As top-notch companies need their teams to effortlessly communicate with each other, customers and outside stakeholders, leaving your network’s performance to chance simply isn’t good enough.

Rather than leaving the setup of your vital network infrastructure to just about anyone, contact the experts at Platform24. We have almost unmatched experience when it comes to planning and implementing robust enterprise Wi-Fi solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch to avoid the following predictable pitfalls.

 1. Doesn’t account for capacity

 With enterprise Wi-Fi needed by companies who expect to have a large number of people connected throughout the day and night, your network needs to remain fast and accessible no matter the number of users. While spreading out your access points to account for large spaces makes sense, you’re going to want additional devices in extra busy hotspots such as conference rooms and public areas.

 2. Inadequate security standards

 While it might be tempting to have a single Wi-Fi network that both staff and guests can use, this could lead to a range of potentially devastating security issues. It should always be a priority to create separate networks that ensure outside visitors don’t gain access to private or sensitive business information.

You also don’t want to use a single company-wide password. Instead, setting up a network using the 802.1X authentication protocol ensures each user has unique security credentials that can limit their network access if required.

 3. Lack of regular maintenance

 If an inexperienced person has managed to get their enterprise Wi-Fi operational, they might never check on it again. But this is a surefire way to miss a range of oncoming security issues and technical faults. By working with a team of networking professionals, your Wi-Fi network will be safeguarded against avoidable vulnerabilities and hiccups. From making sure only the right people have access to finding the ideal positions for your access points, don’t underestimate the importance of expert help.

 Partner with the networking experts

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