Anti-Virus Solutions

Managed Anti-Virus Solutions

Platform 24’s managed Anti-virus solutions help you stay on top of all security threats, both old and new. We can provide your company with everything from active protection to real-time monitoring of threats.  There’s no better option than Platform 24 on the market when it comes to anti-virus support and solutions.

What To Expect From Platform 24’s Anti-virus Solutions

Platform 24 provides unprecedented control and management of Anti-virus software and implementation. Your company can obtain complete control over default policies for servers and receive proactive notifications about threats in real-time. Here’s an overview of some of the services that Platform 24 can offer you…

Simple & straightforward setup

Anti-virus implementation is no simple task—unless you work with Platform 24! Our managed Antivirus system can be deployed in bulk across servers and workstations with ease.

Remote protection

Our security experts can monitor your network and react swiftly to any threats that appear. Once we’ve detected a threat, we can remove it remotely with ease. With the help of alerts and reports, the reaction time of our team is even quicker.

Improved performance

Anti-virus software and systems often take up a lot of resources on devices. With Platform 24’s efficient Anti-virus management, you can be sure that resource drains will be minimal.