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Welcome to Platform 24, where technology meets innovation and your business is our top priority!

As a leading Managed Service Provider, our mission is to empower your enterprise with IT solutions that are meticulously tailored to align with your business goals and operational needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution – we craft bespoke IT strategies and plans, from hardware and software management, to ongoing maintenance, support, and administration.

We know that many SMBs are hesitant to outsource their IT needs – it sometimes presents the hassles of time zone differences, language barriers, and a lack of on-site support. But Platform 24 is based in the heart of Sydney, which means help is always nearby when you need it.

Our team is made up of IT specialists who are not only experts in their field, but genuine people who care about making technology easy and accessible for you. We’re here to demystify the technical jargon and provide straightforward, comprehensible IT solutions that drive your business forward.

Scalable. Secure. Smart. Discover Our IT Services.

Managed IT

Dive into a realm where your IT operations are handled with utmost precision and care! Our managed IT team will become an extension of your business with a service level agreement that suits you, ensuring the latest technology propels your operations at a fixed monthly rate with no hidden surprises.

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  • Your IT Operations Are Managed with Supreme Precision and Attention
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  • Maximize the Benefits of Your Microsoft 365 Investment

Microsoft 365

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 investment! Our services include management, support, and optimisation of this powerful suite to ensure your team can collaborate and operate from anywhere. Our team’s expert support will ensure continuity and efficiency across your day-to-day activities.

Cloud Services

Elevate your operations with our flexible, scalable cloud services! Whether it’s a multi-cloud environment, hybrid cloud, or Microsoft Azure, our team will optimise efficiency, boost security, and improve cloud cost management. Let our cutting-edge cloud solutions ensure that your data is accessible and secure, anytime and anywhere.

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  • Enhance Your Business Processes with Our Scalable Cloud Solutions
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  • Ensuring Your Ultimate Safety with Our Cybersecurity Services

Cyber Security

Your protection is paramount with our cyber security services! Our team incorporates firewalls, encryption, data backups, and much more to craft a holistic cyber security strategy tailored to your business needs and the threat landscape. Let us assess your security posture and mitigate risks before it’s too late.

IT Support

Experience IT support that’s technically stellar and immensely user-friendly! Our customer service champions are here to offer you a blend of onsite technical upgrades and remote troubleshooting support. We’ll keep your systems, networks, and equipment up-to-date and secure for your peace of mind.

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  • Discover Quality IT Support
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  • Experience Lightning-Fast Connectivity and Unmatched Dependability


Enjoy high-speed connections and unparalleled reliability! Our connectivity solutions ensure that your business stays interlinked, with hardware and software that’s tailored to ensure seamless communication. From initial consulting and setup, to ongoing maintenance and support, we’ll eliminate interruptions to your daily operations.

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Delivering Reliable, Cost-Effective Managed IT Services For Sydney SMBs

Platform 24 is the steadfast partner you need for a technologically empowered future!

Our commitment to employing the latest technology, coupled with our cost-effective, flexible solutions, means that your infrastructure is not just aligned with today’s business needs – it’s prepared to change and adapt with future growth, fluctuating market changes, and the evolving threat landscape.

Let our support team offer you a blend of expert technical support and genuine customer service, ensuring that your interactions with technology always exceed your expectations.

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