Off-Site Backup

Sydney Off-Site Backup

Off-Site Backup

Platform 24 host a Sydney Off-Site Backup Server to keep all your data safe in times of an emergency. Anything from simple restoration of deleted files to restoring an entire server wiped out by a fire we can guarantee your business data is kept safe.

Utilising Storagecraft’s Shadow Protect our maintenance clients are able to take advantage of a managed disaster recovery solution. With full reporting & constant data integrity checks you can be certain that your backups are always safe.

While most IT Support companies will sign you up to a 3rd party backup solution we will have you backing up to our Sydney off-site backup server meaning that we have full control over your data and also instant access when you urgently need your data.

Backup Your Entire Environment

Our backup solution allows us to protect all of your company information. From company files through to email and databases please contact us to find out how we can minimise the impact a disaster may have on you .

Live or Overnight Backups

Depending on your internet connection your files can be sent off-site as often as every 15 minutes minimising the risk of any data loss. If your internet connection does not have the capacity for this backups can be sent out of hours over night to save any disruption to your connection.

Reporting & Backup Checks

As a maintenance client Platform 24 will provide daily & weekly tests on your data ensuring that it can be mounted and all info read. Along with monitoring software that checks for data corruption daily we are able to pickup any issues with your backup before it leads to any data loss.

Eliminate Downtime

During an event where your server hardware is down or unavailable our disaster recovery solution allows us to virtualise your network to a temporary machine so that you may continue to work without downtime. Upon the return of your normal network we simply migrate the temporary environment over meaning that no data is lost.