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Platform 24’s Business IT Support package involves a pre-purchased block of monthly support hours which are dedicated to maintaining your network and getting ahead of problems before they cause disruption. By allocating a set amount of hours to keep on top of everything from security patching through to testing your disaster recovery procedures this pro-active response is best for companies who have active servers and a need for up time.

What to expect from our managed IT solutions

We aim to provide reliable, high quality managed services to small and medium business clients throughout the country. When you choose our solutions, you can expect the following services…

Scheduled Reporting

Whether you would like to be across your network performance daily with specific detail or just receive a monthly summary our reporting platform can be structured to meet your needs. Reports can add extra piece of mind that the maintenance promised is being delivered. Server resource reports can be a quick and easy way to judge when upgrades may be required providing plenty of warning for a budget.

Live Monitoring

Proactive Business IT Support is about having an overview of your network checking for issues at all times. Our monitoring platform allows us to run constant safety & health checks across your systems 24 hours a day. With our alerting system in the case of an outage we will generally know about it before you do and already have staff looking into the issue.

Centralised Updates

Updates are an important part to ensuring that your network security is covered and all features of your software are up date. In saying this updates can be quite time consuming and also cause outages themselves. With our centralised management system, we can control the updates for your operating system and most 3rd party applications ensuring you stay up to date and also scheduling them during a time that will not interrupt your workflow. If there has been an issue reported with an update we can quickly block the update from your entire network saving you from any disruptions it may have caused.

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